Our Working Process

Society is usually envisioned as a unified body in which everyone should fulfill his duty in the best way possible so that the peace of mind of the society is guaranteed. We strive to do our social responsibilities by promoting the quality of our services and providing patients with optimal dental services. We pursue this goal by adhering to the following principles:

Arad Dental Clinic

1.Maintaining hygiene standards

کیفیت مناسب درمان

2.High quality treatment services

هزینه‌کرد بهینه

3.Cost-effective treatment services

Form Element

Reception area

This is the first section which patients encounter upon arrival. You can ask the staff in the reception area for general information about the clinic and other inquiries.

Treatment Hall

This ward consists of examination and treatment rooms, mouth and teeth radiology room, surgery room, and sterilization room.

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Examination room

Have been Patient Will Be guided by the staff from reception area to the treatment hall.

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Treatment room

After the appointment is arranged, the treatment begins. The treatment rooms are equipped with modern technologies.


This ward consists of the radiography room and the digital and process room.


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